Electric water heaters from Rheem are dependable devices that supply hot water for a variety of home needs. However, just like any electrical item, they could occasionally experience issues that call for a reset.

Resetting your Rheem electric water heater can be the answer if you discover that it is not operating as it should. We’ll provide you a step-by-step tutorial in this post on how to reset your Rheem electric water heater in a secure and efficient manner.

how to reset rheem electric water heater

Please make sure you are wearing the proper protective gear before starting the reset procedure. If you are unsure or uncomfortable doing the reset, it is recommended to seek the advice of a qualified expert.

Turn off the power

Turning off the power source is the first and most important step before resetting your Rheem electric water heater. Find the disconnect switch or circuit breaker for the water heater, and turn it off. Any electrical mishaps will be avoided thanks to this preventive measure while you work on the appliance.

Finding the Reset Button

Find the reset button on the water heater’s control panel once the power has been turned off. The reset button is often located next to the thermostat and is red. It is intended to trip if other safety mechanisms are engaged if the interior temperature of the water heater rises too much.

Select Reset from the menu.

For three to five seconds, gently press and hold the reset button. Before the button fully engages, you could experience a small amount of resistance while doing this. The internal circuitry of the water heater will reset as you continue to press the button, and any tripped safety features will be turned off.

Release the reset button in step four.

Release the reset button after you’ve held it for the allotted amount of time. When the reset procedure is finished, the button should pop back out. The high-temperature cutoff, thermostat, and other safety features are reset by this action.

Turn on the power

It’s time to restart your Rheem electric water heater now that the reset is complete. Reconnect it by returning to the disconnect or circuit breaker. The water heater will begin to operate, and you should hear the heating element’s characteristic sound as it does so.

Check the water heater in step six.

Keep a close check on your Rheem electric water heater as it starts up for any indications of strange behavior. Check the control panel for any problem codes and listen for any odd noises. It’s recommended to call a qualified specialist to diagnose and fix the issue if you notice any persistent problems or the heater isn’t working properly.

Additional Advice

Always consult the user manual for your Rheem electric water heater for detailed advice on how to reset and troubleshoot.

Before restarting the water heater, think about inspecting your home’s electrical panel for any blown fuses or circuit breakers that may have contributed to the problem.

Regular maintenance, such as draining the tank and inspecting the heating elements, will maintain the water heater’s longevity and lessen the need for regular resets.


Knowing how to fix small problems that could occur with your Rheem electric water heater will help you save time and money. Before attempting the reset, remember to switch off the power and adhere to the detailed instructions in this page.

However, it is essential to seek the advice of a competent technician if restarting the water heater does not resolve the issue or if you experience any reoccurring problems. Your Rheem electric water heater will continue to give you dependable hot water for your household needs if you maintain it properly and reset it occasionally.